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Inbal Mendes-Flohr


Born in 1976, in Jerusalem, Israel

lives in Moshav Matta, mother of 4.

Studio at Artists’ Workshop, Talpiot, Jerusalem.


from 2016- - Art teacher and guide at the Israel Museum and at the Djanogly Visual Arts Center

2007- 2016 - Art teacher at the Regional High School of Hof Ha-Carmel, Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael

2016 - Drawing teacher at the external students program at Oranim College, Kiryat Tivon

2015 - Drawing teacher in preparatory program for Arab students at Oranim College, Kiryat Tivon  

2000-2006 - Art teacher at Har Tuv elementary school, through the Karev Foundation



2013-2015 –MFA in Fine Arts at the University of Haifa; final project with excellence.

2008-2013 – BA in Art and Teacher’s Certificate at Oranim College; excellence in studies and final art exhibit


1998-2000 – Art Guidance studies at Israel Museum, Jerusalem 


Solo exhibits:

2018 – “Drowning by Numbers” – Zaritzky Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, curator Daniella Talmor

2016 – “Viva Europa” – at Koresh 14 Gallery, Jerusalem, curators Hili Greenfeld and Vered Hadad

2015 – “Pink Revenge” – Jerusalem Artists’ House, Jerusalem – curators Dorit Ringart and Eli Shamir

Group exhibits:

2020 – “Women Make History – Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism”, Svetlana Reingold, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa

2020 – “Here are all the Flowers” curated by Dveer shaked, at Koresh 14 Gallery, Jerusalem

2019 – “Crimes and Misdemeanors”, Nitza Perry, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

2019 - "Her Dress, Her Symbol: Antea Revisited" at Agripas 12 and Marie, Jerusalem, curators Rita Mendes-Flohr and Nomi Tannhauser

2019 - "How to Catch a Witch" at Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv 

2019.  A new layer at The Factory/ HaMiffal, Jerusalem, curator Itamar Hammerman

2018 – “Speaking” (in the feminine form) – curator Anat Gatenio, Gallery of the Wizo Academic College, Haifa

2018 – “What about Women’s Rights” curator Shirley Meshulam, Grand Art gallery, Haifa

2018 – “What about Women’s Rights?” – curator: Shirley Meshulam, transform! European Network for alternative thinking and political dialogue, Vienna, Austria

2018 – “Eclectic” – at Koresh 14 Gallery, curator Vered Hadad

2017-2018 “Dangerous Art” - curator Svetlana Weingold, Haifa Museum of Art

2017 – ART NOW – INTERIOR-EXTERIOR 2017 Contemporary Israeli Artists, curator Shirley Meshulam, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2017 – “Salon at the Cube” – the Cube Gallery, Jerusalem

2017 - “Aliya Trek” – after the social struggle of Vicki Knafo, Municipal Gallery, Afula , curators: Rei Raviv and Uzi Zloof


2016 – “Mother’s House” – Municipal Gallery, Afula, curators: Rei Raviv and Uzi Zloof

2016 – “Head & Tails” – Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, curators: Shlomit Liver and Sarit Achtenberg


2016 – “Aliya Trek” – after the social struggle of Vicki Knafo, Mitzpe Ramon, curators: Rei Raviv and Uzi Zloof


2016 – “Art Camp” – the Negev Museum, Beer Sheva, curator David Wakstein


2015 – “Salon at the Cube” – the Cube Gallery, Jerusalem, curator Dan Ormian and Ella Cohen Vansover


2015 – “We will still see the other days” – at G’virol Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Itche Golombek


2014 – “Feminine Triangle” – at Abyad Gallery, Haifa. Curator: Mahmud Keis


2014 –“Cover Version” Koresh 14 Gallery, Jerusalem – curator: Nomi Tannhauser


2014 – “Galilee Color-2” – Contemporary Art Fair of artists from Northern Israel


2014 – “Safari” – Rosh HaNikra Gallery, curators: Asya Dublin and Yori Katz


2014 –“Capara Alaich”- Duo exhibit at Grand Art Gallery, Haifa, curator: Shirly Meshulam


2014 – “Work Sheets” at The Mofet Institute, curators Israel Rabinowitz, Raya Agam and Dorit Ringart


2014 – “Rising Star” – The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art – curators: Dalia Levin, Ghila Limon and Tal Bechler


2013 – “Group on Paper” in the framework of “Festival of Festivals” in Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, curator: Sharon Poliakine


2013 – “Making Waves” – in the framework of Bat Galim, Succoth. Curator: Shirly Meshulam



Special Projects:

2014, 2015, 2016 – “Under the Lamplight” – installation at Kibbutz Ein Shemer, curator: Atar Geva


2013,2015, 2016 – Installation at “Midburn”, near Sde Boker

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